Aymen Group: Success story of an entrepreneur in the textile industry

Textile and apparel / Articles / 19-04-2022
An operator in Aymen Group's newly launched production unit, in Sfax, Tunisia.

Mohamed Dammak has always been passionate about clothing and design. Growing up, he often helped his mother, a professional tailor, with her garment-making work, teaching him the basics of the industry. In 1991, he took this hobby to a new level, opening his own textile workshop out of his father’s house in Sfax. Through the workshop, Mohamed supplied clothes to companies throughout Tunisia and earned a solid reputation for his products. In 2003, he transformed his business into a larger textile company – Aymen Group – which now produces and markets women’s clothing in 13 of its own stores and franchises.

Aymen Group has two subsidiaries -- Aymen Mode, which manages the design, cutting, and quality of its finished products, and Aymen Vêtement, which markets the products under its unique brand -- “Kastelo.” The company’s products have proven popular at its stores and franchises, and over time it has expanded to meet the needs of its clients. In 2019, JOBS partnered with Aymen Group to help it streamline its manufacturing processes and reduce production costs to maximize efficiency. 

Aymen Group 2

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, however, Aymen Group faced new obstacles. Due to the health crisis, Aymen Group saw demand drop from its traditional customers, struggled to procure some raw material, and during government-imposed lockdowns, lost sales opportunities.

Despite the setbacks, Mohamed saw an opportunity to both diversify and aid in the national effort to combat the pandemic. Responding to increased demand for masks, Mohamed began producing disposable tissue masks and surgical masks for laboratories and pharmacies.

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JOBS awarded Aymen Group a grant to purchase new production equipment, including a fabric spreading machine, enabling the company to double its mask production – from 2,500 to 5,000 units per day. This support, along with JOBS' previous technical assistance, has helped Aymen Group sustain 184 jobs, create 194 jobs and increase sales. 

" I do not regret following my passion and taking over from my mother. I would never have imagined that I would end up here and I am very proud of it.”

Mohamed Dammak       

Now, the group plans to produce medical equipment, such as syringes and catheters, for local healthcare facilities. Mohamed’s son, Aymen, an industrial engineer, will manage this activity. 

Aymen group Aymen


" It is important to always look for ways to increase our capacity, to innovate, and to make a difference.”

Aymen Dammak


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